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What are the main characteristics of silicone hoses?

 Silicone rubber tubes (silicone hoses) are carriers for the circulation and coating of liquids, gases and other materials. Silicone rubber tubes in industry can be divided into "extruded hose" and "special shaped hose". Silicone rubber hose is widely used in modern industry, national defense industry and daily necessities.
The silicone rubber tube is added to the double roll rubber machine or the closed kneader by adding silicone rubber raw glue, gradually adding white carbon black and other auxiliaries to make the uniform repeatedly.
Product Details:

Materials: silicone rubber
Other names:  silicone rubber hose, silicone tubes, silicone hose, silicone pipes.
Operating temperature: -40 - 200 °C
Color: White, Transparent, Blue, Red or customized
Hardness: Shore A 30-75
Application: Thick wall Silicone rubber tubing silicone rubber hose are widely used in food processing, Transfer liquid, Connect machines, Medical machines and etc.

Product Features:
Performs excellent under low and high temperature from -40°C  to 200 °C.
UV, Ozone, gases and moisture resistant.
Stable chemical properties.
No smell, odorless, tasteless
The raw material is 100% food grade silicone rubber.
Extrusion method: Platinum-cured. BPA free, No powder, No bubble.
More than 5 years working life.
Size: from 0.3-80 mm inner diameter.

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