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China manufacturer high pressure heat resistant auto turbo silicone hose


1. Non-toxic, environmental protection, high transparency, strong resilience.
2. Resistant to compression permanent deformation, UV resistance, flame retardant and other characteristics.
3. Hardness: the most soft silicone 50 ± 5 degrees, the most hard 80 ± 5 degrees.
4. Than ordinary rubber has much better heat resistance, can be used at 150 degrees almost always without performance changes.
5. Can be used at 200 degrees continuous use of 10,000 hours, 350 degrees can also be used for some time.

1. Transportation, automotive (engine water cooling, cooling, intake, exhaust and turbocharging systems), shipbuilding industry applications.
2. Radio, electrical: the telecommunications industry.
3. Instruments, instrumentation industry applications.
4. Aviation industry. In this case.
5. Applies to household appliances, lighting, medical, beauty salon equipment
6. Polyester reinforced silicone hose is not available for carrying oil
Our company
Qinghe Dema Auto Parts Co., Ltd. was established in 2003 which is a famous enterprise specialized in automotive radiator hose assemblies’ development and manufacturing.The company's leading products: automotive radiator hose assemblies, supercharger silicone tube, hoses for air filter, sealing strips and other automotive rubber product.auto turbo silicone hose